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01483 726070 Julian Spencer-Smith | The Studio | Keighley Lodge | Pond Road | Woking | Surrey | GU22 0JY
Flaking paint to be secured

All cleaning and restoration work is of the highest quality using minimal intervention and following the ethical restoration standards in reversibility.

Julian entered the restoration field as a school leaver and completed a seven-year apprenticeship in London. He then became a Fellow of British Association of Picture Conservators and Restorers (BAPCR). He continued with the same firm for another seven years before starting his own business based in Woking.

Julian works on all periods of paintings from old masters through to contemporary art.

Julian designed, produced and markets a conservation product called, wedge retainers, which are now used worldwide by restorers, galleries and museums.

He provides oil painting and fine art restoration and conservation services for galleries and collections around the world. In particular he enjoys the one-to-one contact with the private individual whose painting means a great deal to them.

For the apprehensive picture owner who has no idea of the costs involved, albeit a £100 or £1000, they could send Julian an image of the painting with its measurements by e-mail and from this a rough estimate may be given. Alternatively, a visit to his studio with the painting is definitely a worthwhile experience. One will benefit from his experienced eye, his friendly advice and what are the best options for the painting.

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