Extreme Picture Restorations


Julian relishes the challenge of tackling what may seem an impossible restoration job.  

A vandal had cut a canvas painting out of its frame and continued to cut the painting into small pieces. The owners presented Julian with the remnants and asked despondently whether anything could be done.

Julian was up for the challenge!  The results may be seen here.

  • The empty vandalised frame before restoration
  • Pieces of vandalised painting
  • Restoration of the vandalised picture in progress
  • The finished, restored vandalised painting

Accidental Damage

This is a result of a dog jumping through a painting which was fully restored and presented to delighted owners.



Julian was able to contribute to the Watts Gallery at Compton by taking part in the ‘Adopt a Watts’ scheme’ fully restoring a picture of Violet Lindsay’ (1879) by George Frederik Watts:

Violet Lindsay by George Frederik Watts

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